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Theatre nurses and ODPs work with patients of all ages and primarily within hospital operating theatres and anaesthetic/recovery areas. They may also be involved with certain procedures on wards, clinics or in other specialist areas such as cardiac catheterisation units.

ITU and A&E nurses are not only indemand but highly sought after due to the high pressure, often frought nature of the Intensive care unit and emergency room, working days and nights where the flow of patients never stops.

Registered general nurses work with old and young adults with diverse health conditions, both chronic and acute. They juggle numerous priorities and use caring, counselling, managing, teaching and all aspects of interpersonal skills to improve the quality of patients' lives, sometimes in difficult situations. Work may be based in hospital wards, clinics or, increasingly, community settings and you may do shift work to provide 24-hour care.

Healthcare assistants (HCAs) work in hospital or community settings under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. The role can be varied depending upon the healthcare setting.

We recruit radiographers across all grades and specialties whether X-ray Technician, CT Scan or MRI especialist. The Shifts avalable range from a single to an extended post, with weekend and on-call shifts also available.

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